Bobby, Helen and us, how a “Normal” couple came to the Dark Side. Part 1 The Introduction.

We had been friends with Bobby and Helen a long time, in fact we had met and become friends before I made the permanent move to the States. They were a regular couple totally straight, go to church on Sunday and dress totally conservative at all times type of couple. Now to some that probably makes them sound boring but actually for all their reserved behavior they were a lot of fun. while they were around we too kept clothes on and kept the conversations away from sex so as not to embarrass them. They were younger than us by around 10 years, they were childhood sweethearts and had only ever had sex with each other and true to their Christian faith they used sex as a method of having children as opposed to using it for what I believe is the right thing, Pleasure. I am a Christian but if you follow the mantra the way these guys did my sex life would have been boring.

We would get together every couple of weeks and despite everything you have read so far we always had a blast. Me and “A” had always wondered if we should tell them about our unusual sex life, both of us felt that we were lying or being secretive to them and it didn’t really sit well with us. I know we had discussed with each other what we thought of Bobby and Helen, the truth is that both me and “A” were attracted to both of them. Bobby was about my height, kind of slim but tanned, Helen, well she wasn’t a BBW but she was curvy with an elfin like face that just smiled all the time, her hair was long and red and the freckles on her face and the two dimples in her cheeks made her desirable. I guess we had known them for a year when we decided to finally break the ice and tell them everything. I was apprehensive because they were good friends but as “A” said, good friends will stay with you no matter what.

We all loved walking and we had arranged to go walking together to an area me and “A” knew well, an area where she had gotten acquainted with a few men in our time together, a favorite sex play area for us. Mainly because it was secluded and not many people went there but also because there were streams we use to go in naked because the cold water on our bodies felt good.

They arrived at our house early and were dressed for walking, Bobby in shorts and a tee shirt and walking boots, Helen for me that day looked hotter than she ever had. Her shorts were cut high, she wore a thinish tee shirt under which though was a bra that I would say was pretty heavy duty. I had never really noticed her breasts before, she had always wore baggy tops or long dresses that hid her assets. Her red hair was tied back and she wore a baseball cap. I had never seen her legs on show before either but today I saw them, Powerful defined legs not fat just damn perfect, almost as good as “A”s legs but “A”s were longer and had a better shape to them however Helen was close.

We had decided to rent a cabin and go on daily walks from there, it had everything including sauna and hot tub, we would be there for three nights. It was on the first night there “A” decided to break the ice. We had used our own cars incase any of us needed to return home for kids emergencies, something we always did that way it didn’t screw up the other couples weekend.

We were all sat together drinking wine when “A” went to her bag and pulled out a joint, we would smoke one every now and again but never at home just when we were chilling on our days or weekends out. She lit it and passed it to me. Bobby and Helen both looked shocked, “A” looked at them both and told them we needed to tell them about our life and proceeded to tell them everything, from being swingers, loving to be naked, how we played dares on each other which usually resulted in sex with strangers and sometimes for money, I didn’t realise she was going to open up about 90% of our sex life but she did which resulted in a very long uncomfortable silence which in turn lead to them both going to bed.

In the morning “A” and me were in the kitchen, I was just in my shorts and “A” was topless but wearing a thong. Bobby and Helen came into the kitchen, fully dressed for the days walk we had planned. Surprisingly they both came into the kitchen and hugged us, thanked us for our honesty and told us it changed nothing.

The walk was good, it was also as though nothing had been said the night before. We eventually came across a stream and as it had been a hot day “A” decided it was a good place to stop to cool off. She stood facing us all and removed her clothes before stepping into the cold water, Bobby and Helen never took their eyes off her, she called for me to join her which I did and we fooled around for a bit all the time being watched from the shore line. I guess we had been in the water for 10 minutes or so before realizing we were no longer alone, Helen had joined us, she was still wearing her tee shirt and bra but had removed her shorts to reveal a very conservative pair of pants, she came over to us and we put our arms around her and hugged her. I decided to get out, (With Boner on show) and go talk to Bobby who had removed his shirt but hadn’t joined us in the water. I sat on the bank and watched to two women splashing around in the water. Bobby said he was too shy to join in which I found strange so we just sat and watched. Eventually the women came back to shore it was then I noticed that Helen had a full thatch of pubic hair thanks to her white pants going see through. Her tee shirt was wet but her bra was so heavy duty it hid her breasts. Then without warning “A” kissed Helen full on the mouth, for a second Helen pulled away but then moved forward and kissed “A” back. (So much for my boner going down).

We finished the walk and went back to the cabin, we then realised we had nothing to use on the grill to cook the dinner, I decided to take Bobby and go to the store not too far from the cabin but far enough to need to take the car. We were gone for an hour after deciding to grab a beer before going back. It was when we got back that we noticed a huge change, one that resulted in Bobby seeing his wife in a different way and which also would give him the taste of another woman and introduce them both to a world they had no idea about.


In praise of curvy women

It’s really strange the way tastes change, I guess as you mature you begin to appreciate the female form more, I know I have. There again I have never really judged a woman on looks or figure but for me it has always been personality. Can she make me laugh, does she make me feel good, does she give me as much as I give her. More importantly can she hold a conversation and especially these days can she go any length of time without reaching for her phone to take a bloody selfie or texting people oh and also does she, like me think TWERKING is the least sexy thing a woman can do.

I have in my life had women with slim figures, curvy figures and athletic figures but they have all had the ability to be fun to be with, make me laugh and be super intelligent with the exception of my first serious relationship which had me reaching for valium and vodka.

There are a lot of men out there who shy away from curvy women because they don’t fit with the guys style or taste. These guys do curvy women a favour because if these guys hooked up with a curvy woman they would try to change them. The problem with trying to change someone is that you lose the person you met,

Curvy women are not those who are morbidly obese they are merely women who carry a little extra weight and yet they can be and mostly are hot as hell. More than that though I find curvy women are so much fun to be with, sex with curvy women is amazing too, I have never had bad sex with a curvy woman and in fairness to slim women I haven’t had bad sex with them either except for my first serious relationship, being adventurous to her was missionary position with the light on, she wouldn’t do anything else.

It’s true to say though that as a young man growing up I would shy away from curvy women not because I wasn’t attracted to them but because I didn’t think they could be attracted to me. I was very slim in those days. I wonder some times if I had dated a curvy woman back then would I have been or had a happier life. I would get hit on by curvy women but think they were taking the piss. It wasn’t til years later I found to my annoyance that the offers back then were genuine after speaking to some of these women many years later. How stupid did that make me feel??

The pictures I have added to this show how stunning curvy women can be. One of my ex’s thought because of her size I wouldn’t find her attractive or exciting, she was so wrong, I couldn’t leave her alone, she was one of the sexiest women I have ever known, she opened my eyes to the wonderful world of sex with a curvy woman.

Sure fantasy women like Amber Heard, Jennifer Lawrence are all very well and sure any man would love to wake up next to them in the morning but then with a curvy woman especially for me, I wouldn’t need to wake up because I wouldn’t want to waste a minute of exploring the curves of the woman. How many people have looked at Serena Williams and thought that she was a little too large and yet in a bikini that woman is hot as hell

See what I mean, totally stunning.

So ladies be proud of your curves, there are men out there who adore how you look and appreciate you.

“A” and the itch she had to scratch that resulted in a night in Cells and a $400 fine. Mind you it was hot. Part 2

This is her entry in the journal as it was written, was I shocked?? well yes and no, not shocked by her doing it, but a little shocked in how many men and how far she was willing to go to give them pleasure, oh yes and I was shocked she got arrested, I kinda hoped that getting arrested may calm her down a little but I am pleased to report that being arrested just made her more determined to keep doing it. The danger of being caught became a drug not just for her but for me too in a way.

I have never been arrested before and if I had known that my sexual appetite would get me arrested I would have done this a long time ago. It was exciting and humiliating at the same time, OK I got lucky that the cop who arrested me was a friend of ours and if he hadn’t had another cop with him I may have got away without being arrested but at least I wasn’t charged with prostitution just Illicit behavior. What lead up to all this, well it would be easy to blame Johnnie because all through the he had been touching me and fucking me at his leisure. I had lost count of how many times we fucked that day all I know is he had me before church and what seemed to be every hour after our return. Fucking a lot was never a problem especially when my son was at his dad’s but for some reason this day was different Johnnie was on fire. That created a problem for me, when he fucks me the way he did I always end up needing more cock, different cock not because I don’t enjoy Johnnie but because when he does me the way he did on Sunday it ignites this Nymphomaniac in me. Just as it had at Sturgis so here we were again with me wanting to test my limits. I knew I didn’t want sleep I also knew I needed rough dirty sex with a stranger which in the end ended up with me being fucked by 4 strangers and putting on a show for some that I didn’t like the look of but who were willing to throw money at me to watch me bury my fingers inside myself and bring myself off in front of them. Yes I did it for money, I wanted to sell my body to truckers that way I knew it was going to be dirty sex with no limits and no I didn’t use condoms and I know that is a risk but I was so high on sex before I left the house I really didn’t care.

When I came out of the bedroom after getting dressed Johnnie’s face was a picture of shock and lust, telling him not to wait up I kissed him and went out to the car and drove to an area where truckers park up for the night. On the site was a bar where truckers could grab food and a beer before hitting the sack, that bar would be my first stop.

I walked through the door, there were about 6 or 7 truckers in there, I went to the bar and got myself a drink, I guess the way I was dressed scared them a little but eventually one guy said hello. He was a huge guy, fat, sweaty with a scruffy beard but friendly I decided he would be my first of the night. He joined me at the bar and began talking he was getting friendlier and would occasionally put his hands on my ass. At one point he tried to put his hand under my skirt, I slapped it away and told him that he would need to pay for it if he wanted it. Next thing I knew he had put money in front of me (I didn’t count it) and began fingering me, I was already wet and I have no idea how many of his fat fingers he had in me but they felt good, when he tried to put my hand on his cock I pulled away, once again he put money in front of me, he was finally getting the idea of my game. I unzipped him and wrapped my hand around his good sized cock and began to stroke him, it was hard to concentrate as I was having orgasms from his fingers pounding my pussy but I could feel his pre cum oozing out. He leaned over and whispered if we could go to his truck, at first I played hard to get but the site of money being place on the bar again had me walking out of the door with him and heading for his rig. As I began to climb in he stopped me and buried his face between my legs and began to lick and finger me until I drenched his hand with my cum, I then climbed inside, he wasted no time, pushing my top up to let my tits free and pushing my skirt up and spreading my legs he unzipped himself and drove straight in. He fucked me hard kissing me and smearing lipstick all over my face, the weight of this guy was on me, if I had wanted to get away I couldn’t, he was good though fucking me hard and giving me many orgasms until finally with a grunt he pulled out and shot his load all over my tits. The as quickly as he started he tucked himself away and told me to go, giving me more money as a thank you. I returned to my car, took out the wet wipes and cleaned off and reapplied my make up before heading back into the bar.

The next two truckers were pretty much like the first and when I went back into the bar I didn’t see any trucker whose dick I would want inside me, there were a few offers from drunken sweaty guys but there was just no way. I had a word with the owner and offered to do a strip on top of the pool table but didn’t want to be touched and he told me he would make sure they didn’t. The strip went well, sweaty men throwing money at me to get me to do more, the more they threw the more I did once naked I brought myself off with my fingers and a pool cue and a bottle, there was money all over the table and nothing less than a $20 note. The owner helped me off the table and helped me to collect the money and then poured me a drink. If I had stopped at that point and gone home the next art would not have happened, maybe greed got the better of me Or maybe the look of the trucker who walked through the door before I left was the reason I stayed. He was tall, muscular, tanned with long hair tied behind his back. I had already made over $1000, even I was surprised at that but when men are throwing money at you to get you naked or to fuck you it’s hard to keep a handle on how much you are making.

Miguel began to stair at me from the other side of the bar, I had to make this guy my final conquest of the night, I needed to know if the dick he had matched the body he had. For the first time i got nervous and shy, trying to figure out a way of getting him inside me. I watched him stand and start to walk toward me, my mouth went dry, he smiled as he passed me and headed for the toilet. I could feel myself getting wet between my legs, my hands began to shake too. when he came out of the toilet he stopped put his hands on my waist and simple whispered for me to follow him outside. I should have stayed where I was, I gave him a couple of minutes before saying my goodbyes and walking out, He was waiting for me when I stepped outside, my legs were shaking. He passed me an envelope telling me there should be enough in it for me. I didn’t look, instead I took his held out hand and let him lead me to his truck. Climbing inside slowly to allow him to see my pussy (Very sore pussy too), he followed me in and within seconds I was naked, legs spread with an expert tongue working on my clit My body was on fire, I heard the zip of his jeans being pulled down I looked up and saw what he had between his legs, I should have stopped right then because for all his muscle on his body that you could see, the one I wanted inside me was nothing to right home about, it was thin and short I couldn’t even say it was a grower because it was already hard. However he had paid so I let him inside, what he lacked in size he made up for in technique, fucking me hard and pushing a couple of fingers in my ass just for the extra feeling. He had been fucking me for a couple of minutes when the truck door opened and a really bright torch was shone inside. I couldn’t see the cops face at that point all I know is he wanted us both out. I climbed out and was immediately taken by the hand and led to the Police car.

I was pushed against the hood of the car and told to spread my legs. I was then frisked and considering I wasn’t wearing much you would think it wouldn’t take too long, however the cop was enjoying his work a little more than he should. As he ran his hands down the length of my legs he then made his way back up, eventually reaching the top of my thighs and then I felt him touch my pussy. That was no accident, he didn’t brush it, he stuck a damn finger in it. Then next thing I knew my hand were behind my back and I was being placed in handcuffs. Far from being freaked out though I was excited. The cop turned me round to face him that’s when I almost freaked. The cop who had put his finger in me wasn’t fingering me for the first time. He was a friend of mine and Johnnies, I don’t know who was more shocked it was one of those WTF moments. Look here I was handcuffed staring into the eyes of a gay cop who had fucked me before who was gorgeous and who had already had his finger inside me, whether it was the situation or the handcuffs or being arrested or a combination of all three but I was turned on like I had never been turned on before. He told me to stay where i was then went over to his partner, she looked like a he, built like a wrestler and obviously the senior of the two. They talked for a while before returning to me, she looked me in the eyes and told me to turn around, bending me over and spreading my legs she too began to frisk me, I told her I had already been frisked and suddenly all her weight was on me as she whispered in my ear that I hadn’t been frisked by her and if I didn’t want prostitution charges to comply with what she said. Her hand went on my ass and she grabbed a handful of it I then felt the tip of her finger trying to get inside my ass, thankfully my gay cop friend came over and stopped her. He told her to wait til we got back to the station and they could do a cavity search for drugs. She then roughly grabbed me and put me in the back of the car. Seems my friend had told her about my sexual side and that I wasn’t a whore just someone who enjoyed getting their kicks. we got to the station and I was bundled into a room, the cuffs were removed as were my clothes, standing naked in front of this woman I found myself having mini orgasms. We were joined my another police woman and I was told they were going to check me for drugs. I didn’t care, I wanted some kind of contact. She spread my pussy, I asked if she was suppose to wear gloves but she told me if it was a real search then yes but this was just going through the motions. With that she began to insert her fingers in me, first one then two, they felt good, she began to move her fingers inside me slowly fucking me with them she looked at the other lady cop and asked if she thought I could take all of her fingers, my eyes were closed so I couldn’t see the other cop nodding that she thought I could, the first I knew was when my pussy was stretched, I was on fire, I shouldn’t have been enjoying this but I was loving it, I opened my eyes and looked down at her she could see the desire and knew I wanted her whole hand inside and I watched as she did just that. I could even feel her clenching her fist inside me, I came hard as she fucked me quickly. Once I had cum she stood up and whispered in my ear that she and the other lady cop would visit me in the next week at home. I knew what for. I was then dressed and allowed to make my one phone call. Johnnie must have been asleep because I got no reply. Thankfully my gay cop friend managed to get hold of him. Being in a cell with the hookers was also fun and a turn on, knowing that I had been arrested for having sex for money but having the charge knocked down was cool.

When the thing went to court, I was let off with a caution, lucky thing when one of the members of your swingers group was the judge. Anyway, it cost Johnnie $400 to bail me out, but I had in total made $1600 that night. I had also discovered that me and Johnnie needed to buy some handcuffs, It’s strange that the most enjoyable and probably the hottest part of the whole night was getting put in cuffs, frisked and then cavity searched, and yes I will admit it made me want to get arrested again but then i may not have been so lucky to have the right people arrest me. The lady cop has already been in touch, she and her lesbian cop buddy are coming round on Thursday, Johnnie will be made to watch everything they do to me. I have already been told to prepare for some heavy shit from them. I can’t wait.

“A” and the itch she had to scratch that resulted in a night in Cells and a $400 fine. Mind you it was hot. Part 1

As you are aware by now my ex was a very sexual woman, she was exciting, dangerous and free spirited the one thing she wasn’t though was a whore. I knew when I met her there was something about her that was like no other woman I had ever known.

I think it was a Sunday evening and we had taken a couple of weeks off from having sex with other deciding to concentrate on our own sexual relationship. Sex between us was always fantastic, she was one woman who could make me cum but keep me hard for ages, to the point that after sex we were both totally spent, well until we woke up and did it again. In fact the first month we were together I lost 14 pounds in weight and my fitness levels went up, proof if it was needed that you don’t need a Gym to get fit, just find a woman who can fuck you fit. I digress.

We had been having sex on and off all day, this was unusual in that we usually did stuff during the day then spent the night fuckin like rabbits. we were in the dining room, she was still stretched out on the dining room table with my juices oozing out of her and her making little noises of contentment. I went to get us more wine then went back to her and began kissing her body, her mood had changed, I sensed something was wrong despite her telling me everything was good I knew there was something. She eventually got off the table and joined me, asking me not to be angry with her she proceeded to tell me what was wrong. She had entered one of her Nympho moods and she needed to get it out of her system.

“Johnnie I have an urge to be a truck stop whore”

OK then I thought as I sent a mouthful of red wine spraying out of my mouth. I had had too much to drink so was kinda screwed until she told me she wanted to go on her own. She had not drunk as much as me. I told her that I was cool with it and I would wait up til she got home. She kissed me and went to get herself dressed. The transformation when she came back into the room was extreme. I had never seen her dressed so cheap. Short skirt, heels a top that was far too small for her ample chest, heavy make up and her hair roughly tied back. She wore stockings that looked as if they had been shredded. In truth I was completely turned on by what I saw. Tenderly she hugged and kissed me and told me not to wait up she would be home in the morning but she might do it all again the next day.

I remember the phone going off around 7am, it was “A”, she was kinda giggling down the phone. “Can you come and make bail for me hun, I got arrested by Jake an hour ago.” Jake is a policeman friend of ours, nice guy and closet Gay who we had played with a couple of times in our Swingers Group. She promised to tell me all about it after we had been to IHOP for breakfast and returned home.

As we walked into IHOP there was a feeling all eyes were on her, The young girl at the entrance asked if we had been to a fancy dress party, I told her that we had and she had gone as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. The girl looked, winked and said she thought “A”s outfit was hot then she lead us to our seats. The place wasn’t so busy just some guys in suits and a couple of women who really could have done without eating the mountain of pancakes they were eating. “A” had that look on her face though, I had seen the look many times before, she was still in the highly sexed zone that I loved her in. We ate breakfast, no words were spoken about her evening, just idle chat. There had been a guy sat behind us who had been staring since we came in. He was just an average guy I wasn’t sure if “A” had noticed him however that was soon to change. “A” told me she needed to go to the bathroom. She got up went over to the guy and bent and kissed him full on the mouth, as she bent over her ass was on full view to anyone who wanted to look. I had begun to get hard at the sight. She broke of the kiss and whispered something in his ear then went to the bathroom. A few minutes later the guy got up and went to the gents or so I thought.

“A” eventually reappeared and it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. She said nothing, she just took her seat at the table, reached into her top and took out $50, I looked at her and smiled, her face had cum running down it and there were strands of cum in her hair. She pushed the money toward me as if I was her pimp. The girl who had sat us down came over to take our check, she looked at “A” and smiled. “A” looked up at the girl, then looked at me, then without a word she stood and took the girl’s face in her hands and kissed her full on the lips taking the girl by surprise at first but she responded to the kiss.

When we eventually got home I was eager to find out what she had done but was still horny from what she had done in IHOP, she told me that she was going for a shower then would write the journal about her evening escapades, I had other ideas, grabbing her I pushed her toward the dining room table and roughly bent her over and despite her protests drove myself deep inside her, I didn’t care about what she had done the night before, it was the first time I had experienced a sexual red mist that was a mix of sexual desire and the desire to fuck her in a way to suit the way she looked. She began screaming obscenities at me whilst begging me to fuck her harder, I knew I wouldn’t last long such was my sexual high, I can’t remember a time when I had fucked her so hard even though I had watched her have sex many times, something about how she looked and not knowing the story of the night before and her cum soaked face during breakfast and the kiss she had with the girl who served us fired me up. When I felt I was nearing the end I pulled out of her and for the first time I grabbed her hair and forced her onto my dick, slapping her hands away everytime she reached out to keep the control and then as I was about to cum I pulled out of her mouth and added my cum to the already dried cum on her face. My whole body shook, I felt light headed. She came as I did, and after my orgasm subsided I told her to clean me which she did without complaint. I then knelt down on the floor and took her into my arms expressing my love to her before leading her to the shower and washing her body all over.

After the shower I did what I always did when she needed to write in the journal to stop me reading over her shoulder, I went out to have a couple of beers and waited for her to message me to come home.

Porn Stars vs Amateurs.

It has always been a fascination with me, the subject of Porn Stars vs Amateurs who just want to show themselves. I know there are guys out there who fantasize about Porn Stars, I have my faves too but that’s because I have met and spoken to but not had sex with my faves, it’s true they are beautiful and intelligent but meeting them left me with a feeling of great disappointment, not because they kept their clothes on as they were as sexy with clothes as they were without. Maybe the word disappointment is the wrong choice of word. Basically what I did was wrong but in the gran scheme of things it was just me sorting my head out. I compared the Porn Stars I met with my “A”, happily I found that “A” was far more than they could be. She was as sexy as them, she was better looking than they were but the happy part was that she wasn’t perfect in body or looks, she would be the first to admit that. What she was though was real. She could do all the things a Porn Star could do but do it better because she didn’t fake it.

OK “A” can speak from experience because she had sex with a couple of male Porn Stars and one female Porn Star (On a shopping trip no less). The whole experience both male and female left he cold. Which resulted in her telling me to fuck her the right way when we got home. Imagine that, she wanted me to put right what they had done wrong. In her words sex with me was better because I cared about how she felt at the end of it, with those guys it was done dusted and without any feeling. Well OK you have to remember lesbians taught me the right way to touch, lick and play with a woman, so I guess I knew how she liked it, but she had been pleading with the guys to do it how she liked it and they didn’t get the point. OK no they were not in Porn Star mode they were in their normal man who liked to fuck women mode and it was just a cold experience but I kind of understood where she was coming from because when I shared the swimming pool with two female Porn Stars I had no inclination of wanting to have sex with them. Sure they were amazing to look at, flawless in fact, their look and their bodies so damn perfect they should have had me fully erect in the pool. Even meeting my fave actresses in the Porn Industry did not make me horny and yet I thought they would. The thing is, “A” could give me a full hard on just applying make up or just being a little naughty when we went anywhere and I loved that, sure walking round a store with a boner can be embarrassing but for me it was glorious because m woman had done it to me without even touching me.

I found myself looking more at the woman in the street and realizing that out there there are women of various shapes, sizes and color, mother’s of children, nurses, business women, waitresses and check out girls who without even trying can turn a man on. Something as simple as a smile, a shake of a hand or an innocent hug from a normal woman in the street can give you the most erotic of experiences, prolonged eye contact is another, sometimes you look into a woman’s eyes and she will melt you and get you lower bits to come alive, they can make a lasting impression on you that at times can have you jerking off when you get home. Porn Stars didn’t do that to me. Two doors down from where I lie there is a single mom with two kids, yes she is overweight and no she doesn’t have model looks but I was talking to her the other day and her eyes were making me want to grab her and kiss her, she wasn’t even dressed in any special way.

So I decided to take a look on line for Amateur women who just love getting naked and compared them to Porn Stars. I found the everyday woman in the street is sexier than any Porn Star but is that because we know that with a woman in the street there is an outside chance of dating her or is it that these women are real. When “A” had sex with a female Porn Star known for her girl on girl Porn “A” had to fake an orgasm because she was just not getting anywhere, Yet we were at a check out one day and she suddenly gripped my hand place her head into my shoulder and let out the sexiest sigh I had ever heard. “A” had cum, standing in the queue waiting to be served, the check out girl had done that to her without touching her or getting naked. I asked her about it afterwards and she said it was her face, and the way her mouth moved when she spoke and that at one point she had playfully stuck her tongue out at me and “A” told me that at that moment she wanted to get the girls tongue down her throat and between her legs. I even had to make “A” cum again in a car park in broad daylight because the girl had turned her on so much. So give me a normal everyday woman any day.

Porn Stars

As you can see all very beautiful but then here are four amateurs, who I think leave them standing.


I could have filled this with thousands of normal women who are hotter than Porn Stars but I didn’t want to bore you.

So if you have an opinion I would love to hear from you, and which you would prefer, the Porn Star or the woman in the street.

“A” and the school camping trip

During the Summer the kids from her son’s school would head off for a camping trip, sleeping out for two nights. I went to a couple of them, it was pretty cool. However one time I couldn’t go as I was working, “A” didn’t want to go without me, she had volunteered as a helper as she always did but didn’t think she would enjoy it as I wasn’t there. I told her it was fine and she should go rather than let people down and so dressed in her least sexy attire she packed up the tents and headed out. Usually there are a few moms who go to help, in fact I had always been the only male apart from one or 2 male teachers. OK it was kinda cool for me being center of attention on account of my English accent but the ladies would have to do without it this time. I was not expecting anything to be put in the Journal with regards to the camping trip, however a couple of days after she returned, I walked into the house after a day of meetings and one of the journals was on the dining room table with a bookmark inside it. This is what was written in the journal.

“I hate not having johnny here, all the women, that’s the teachers and moms have been asking where he is. He always makes them laugh and he does tease them a lot but thy have to go without this time. For the most part it was the same people who always volunteered for the camping trip. However Mr Foster (James) who was a teacher and Danny who was one of the parents had joined us this time. James was pretty straight laced, tall and skinny, Danny was a Gym Junky, ripped body but so up his own ass, or so I thought.”

The first night was spent sitting around the camp fire until it was time to get the kids settled and then the grown ups sat by the fire some more. The conversation was light but I was missing Johnny. Melissa, one of the mom’s was sat by the side of me, she was pretty, as Johnny would call her “A Chunky Monkey” not fat though just a strong body and out a few times when Johnny came with me, I think she had a crush on him, OK yes she has a crush on him I know because she told me. Danny and James were sat opposite us, it was a warm night. Danny got up went to his tent and returned with a bottle of the good stuff and passed it around. We had a couple of shots and Danny looked at James and suddenly said “Truth or Dare” WTF. I had had a drink but I was not ready to play drinking games. James suddenly blurted out “Truth”. Danny thought for a minute. “Which of the two women are you most attracted to” I looked at Melissa, and before James could answer we both got up and returned to our tents. I was a little angry because even Johnny wouldn’t be that forward.

The following day we did the usual activities, Melissa stayed close by me as did James and Danny, The hot sun actually made me slightly horny, the desire to strip off and jump in the lake just feel the cold water on my body was so strong, however, with the kids around I had to be a model mom, plus I wasn’t sure I wanted Danny or James jumping in and joining me. In the evening me and Melissa when to the lake to freshen up, naked she looked awesome firm breasts flat stomach and a butt you just want to bury your face into. She was only around 5′ 2″ but wow what a gorgeous woman. We returned to our tent and got changed, I put on a pair of shorts and a tee with no underwear and Melissa was similarly dress but had a bikini top under her shirt.

We joined Danny and James again plus one of the older teachers who had gone with us, Margaret was so straight laced, she is kind of hard to describe, she was in her fifties, reasonably attractive but always wore dowdy clothes, ya know dress like a teacher from old movies. However this evening she had on a denim skirt and a button down shirt and her long red hair was tied in a pony tail and she looked quite sexy. We chatted for a while as we had the night before and just like the night before Danny went to his tent and brought back the booze only this time he had something to make us all mellow. After a few shots and draws on a couple of joints the mood changed, in fact it was Margaret who surprised us by asking if there was a game we could all play. Danny straight away piped up we could play Truth or Dare unless me and Melissa were going to run away again. I was too far gone to care but before I could answer Melissa told him we were up for it. and so we began. Danny started and straight away asked Margaret “Truth or Dare”, Margaret instantly went for dare. Danny thought for a minute and just got her to kiss James for 30 seconds (Lame I know) then it was Margarets turn. She looked at me, “truth or dare” she asked. Truth was my reply. “What are you wearing under your shorts and tee shirt. I replied nothing. So far it was so tame and no shots had been done. I then looked at James. Truth or Dare James, and he surprised me by saying dare. I told him to remove Margaret’s top and if looks could kill the look Margaret gave me would have had me buried. James went over to her and got her to stand, Slowly he began to undo the buttons of the shirt and then pulled it from her shoulders. I was so glad I chose to get her top taken off because she was magnificent, her breasts small but firm and tiny nipples that just begged to be played with. Of course revenge is never far away. Margaret immediately came back at me, this time I had to chose dare and she dared me to do a full strip tease for everyone. It didn’t last long, there is only so long you can tease taking off two items of clothing, problem was I was now very horny. I turned to Danny Truth or Dare Danny, he chose Truth. Time to call him out. “Is it true you wanted to play this game so you could have sex with one of us” I smiled and spread my legs slightly. He showed no shame, he looked me straight in the eyes and answered yes. He then got Melissa to strip on his turn. James had been quiet for some time but Melissa decided to up the stakes. She looked at James Truth or Dare she asked. this time he chose truth, she asked if it was true that he wanted to watch two women make out. Sheepishly he replied yes and Melissa grabbed me and began to kiss me, touching my body as she did. That was really game over, Melissa pushed me on my back spread my legs and began to eat my well lubed pussy, she was so good, I just close my eyes and let it happen, until I became aware of a mouth on my nipples, I opened my eyes and saw Margaret getting busy sucking and biting my nipples, I was in heaven, this is where things got weird, I thought at some point the guys would join in, instead as I looked over Danny and James were fully naked making out and rubbing each other’s dicks. I was not expecting this situation, I thought Danny wanted to get us naked so he could fuck us but this was a real bizarre thing to be happening. Mind you I really didn’t care I had two women working on me and that’s all I needed. Melissa knew where to touch me, how to touch me and how to make me cum, I was cumming constantly her tongue on my clit and fingers rubbing my G spot had be going over the edge and constantly falling, you will see what I mean when she comes over to the house for another session. For now though I was like a rag doll, I was not aware of what was happening or who was there anymore as waves of pleasure washed over me. I was brought back to a little normality when I felt two tongues on my clit,raising myself and opening my eyes I saw Margaret had joined Melissa and was copying her actions, somehow though Margaret managed to get, what I found out later, three fingers in my ass and the pair of them began to fuck and lick me even harder, I was trying not to scream out as one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had ripped through my body, I was confused I wanted them to stop but I wanted the feeling to carry on, harder and harder their fingers rammed into my ass and pussy, I opened my eyes to see Danny and James standing over us rubbing their dicks, I felt myself cumming again and this time all control had gone, my body began to convulse then before I could recover Danny and James knelt by my head a fired their cum into my face , I was a mess at both ends, without asking both Melissa and Margaret began to lick the freshly deposited cum off my face kissing me as they did, then I felt it, a good sized dick being pushed into me, I thought it was Danny but was shocked when I opened my eyes to find it was not Danny or James but another male teacher who had been watching the action unfold, he wasted no time and fucked me hard and fast until he unloaded inside me.

As soon as they had finished with me they all left apart from Melissa, she held me, planted soft kisses on my face and telling me she loved me (Not weird at all I thought), on the way back to our tents she told me she wanted to do it again but for you to be a part of it hun, best you start working out, It will be a hell of a week, just the three of us and a bed.


Jack was a guy my ex befriended years before I came onto the scene. There was nothing sexual he was just a friendly guy who was there if she needed something doing around the house.However fate would see a huge role reversal that would lead to “A” taking care of him. A couple of months before we met Jack was diagnosed with cancer and she would take care of him, cook his meals, clean his house, help in the garden I guess it was the least she could do for someone who had done a lot for her and her son. I never met Jack, not that I didn’t want to but because I didn’t want to come between the friendship bond they had.

We had been together a couple of months, “A” had gone to visit Jack. When she got home she seemed a little down, I sat her down and asked what the problem was. I thought she was sad because his days left were few. As what she told me was relevant to our lives after she told me she wrote in the journal.

Today Jack was really down, I wasn’t sure what the problem was and was scared to ask. Eventually though I needed to know what was wrong. At first he didn’t want to say anything but gradually he opened up. He told me that even people on death row get a last request and here he was doing nothing wrong but dying. I jokingly asked what his last request would be, there are times when some questions should be left unasked. He told me that he would love to feel the naked body of a woman next to him in bed and feel her still there in the morning, not for sex just for comfort. His wife had died any years ago and he had not been with a women or shared the bed with a woman in over 15 years. I was kind of shocked but then I was pretty down because I didn’t know of any woman I could call on to grant his final request”

“A” told me about what he had said and I knew this was weighing heavy on her, I didn’t know many of her friends at the time but I knew women in our circle of swinging friends. We sat down and started rattling of names of women none of whom were suitable or sexy enough in our view. I looked at her and told her that if I was dying and that was my last request that I would want that woman to be “A”. She smiled then a confused look came on her face. “Are you suggesting I sleep with him and give him what he wants as a last request?” I looked at her, took hold of her hand and told her that the only exceptional woman I know, and the sexiest woman I know and most desirable woman I know was sat by the side of me. He was a man who had done so much for her including giving her money when times were hard and yet he had never tried to have sex with her and this would be a great way to thank him for his kindness by offering herself as a thank you. She told me she couldn’t do it to me and besides she didn’t think he would want that.

A few days later she announced that she had to go to a seminar, nothing unusual in that I had known she went on seminars with work for some time. The day finally arrived and she left for her two day shindig. However what she wrote in the journal upset me a little, not because of what she did but because she didn’t tell me what she was about to do.

I know it was wrong not to tell Johnny where I was really going. I arrived at Jack’s house and was greeted by a huge smile, I guess it was around 8pm when I got there, I spent some time alone wondering if I should do this or not. In the end it was just sleeping with him no sex was suppose to happen so that’s why I did it in the end. Jack poured me a drink and asked what I was doing there. I told him I was granting him his last request his mouth fell open, thinking I was joking he asked what I was really there for. I took his hand and lead him to the bedroom, I told him to get undressed and get into bed. Once he was in I stood at the foot of the bed and began to remove my clothing, allowing to watch me and enjoy the contours of the body he was going to be sharing his bed with. Yes I did it in a teasing manner, I wanted him to enjoy the view. Once naked I climbed in beside him and laid my head on his chest and felt his arms wrap around me. I guess we were both a little uncomfortable to start with, not knowing where the boundaries were was something I hadn’t really thought of. We talked for a while occasionally laughing and some stupid comment, I don’t know how it happened but i suddenly became aware we were face to face and it just seemed natural for me to kiss him. He pulled away at first asking what about Johnny, I know it may seem callous but all I could say was that Johnny wasn’t with us. I leaned in again and kissed him, this time he responded, gently at first, tiny little kisses on the lips and then as we kissed again he took my face in his hands and kissed me passionately his tongue deep in my mouth making me gasp. I pulled away and he apologised for what he did but before he could finish the words I forced my mouth on his again, this time though his hands were stroking my back from my shoulders to my butt. The feeling was nice but I needed to stop as we were just suppose to sleep together. We lay down again and talked some more until with one tender kiss we turned out the light and said our goodnights. He asked if he could spoon with me and I saw nothing wrong with that so said yes, that was my mistake, after a few minutes I could feel him growing against my butt and shortly after he began to rub himself against me, I pretended to be asleep so I could see how far he would go, I felt hi fingers on my nipples and he began rolling them whilst still rubbing himself, I felt his penis find it’s way between my legs and it was now brushing my sex, the gentle movement was turning me on, my resistance to this intrusion was wavering, I then felt him adjust himself so he was at my entrance and then with gentle movements as if not to wake me he began to push into me. I felt the head pass through and gradually the length of his manhood, once he was fully inside he stopped. He began kissing my neck and playing with my nipples, the sly old bastard he was getting me turned on so that I would begin moving so fucking me then was mutual. I will be honest though as soon as the head went in I was his for the taking, so I played his little game and began to move, really slowy but then I thought I would tease him a little I made sure I moved too much so his manhood fell out of me. I heard him sigh, and turn on to his back, I lay on my back too and then placed my hand on his erection. “It’s OK I want this” I whispered to him. “I want you to make love to me, don’t fuck me, make love to me the proper way, tenderly and lovingly, tonight I am your girlfriend, your wife or whatever you want me to be so make it special for us both. Johnny doesn’t exist for us tonight, tonight is for you” Jack smiled and positioned himself above me, kissing me tenderly before gently placing his weight on me, I felt him pressing against my entrance, I spread my legs wide for him and with a push he was in me, slow deliberate strokes moved inside me, I was completely aware of why I was doing this and at no point did I lose focus that johnny was my man, what helped me though was Jack calling me by his late wife’s name, it meant I could give a little more because although he was inside me, in his mind he was making love to her, the one who made him complete. Kissing my neck and playing with my nipples as he made love to me had the right effect for me, I began to cum, not hard just gentle ripples of pleasure passing through every part of my body. Deeper he went into me, the head of his manhood hitting places nobody other than Johnny had ever hit. It was pure romantic erotica in real life, we kissed like husband and wife, we giggled like first time lovers and then completely lost in Jack’s wonderful way of doing things, I was brought down to earth as without warning hot jets of his man juice entered my body, causing me to have my first of many orgasms that night. Instead of pulling out of me he did what Johnny always did, he would made soft movements within me, to keep himself as hard as he could until eventually he would fall out of me rather than pull out of me. Once he had dropped out, he kissed me again and lay down on his back, I kicked the covers off and slowly made my way to his soft cock and took it in my mouth and cleaned that sucker for all it was worth and it came back to life, once hard I straddled him and in one movement sank down, his cock going deep into me, and without giving him time to think I began riding him, this one was going to be for me, I rode him hard, sweat pouring off our bodies as I kept up rising and falling hard and deep on him, He wanted to move to meet my movements with his but I stopped him. He made love to me but I needed to fuck and this was what I was doing now. I rode him hard my pussy soaked and leaking down his shaft was now on fire, I needed that one orgasm that would take me over the edge and when it came I remember the room spinning and me screaming out “Fuck Me” which was an exclamation rather than an instruction but Jack took it as an order and began fucking me hard, thrusting upwards at speed and that was it, I was now having orgasm after orgasm, I had lost control, the slightest touch sending my head reeling and violent waves of pleasure ripping through my body, I remember begging him to stop, the room was spinning, I couldn’t catch my breath, Jack carried on fucking me hard and fast, I couldn’t feel my legs and had become like a rag doll, he was holding me in position and fucking me, I thought he was trying to kill me but then his orgasm hit he forced me down onto his cock as it exploded, I remember my body was shaking and saliva was running out of my mouth, I couldn’t speak. Jack finished and gently eased me back on to the bed, he kissed me tenderly, and until morning that is all I remember. I certainly don’t remember that Jack fucked me twice more whilst I was asleep but he did. he even had his cock in my mouth and I don’t even know when or how me did it.”

In the morning he made me breakfast and made love to me against the kitchen work top actually he made love to me then made breakfast then fucked me. When I left his house I had no clue that it was the last time I would see him. I remember the tears in his eyes as I got into the car and that was it the last time we would ever see each other.”

I was only mad at “A” for one thing, that is that she didn’t trust me enough to tell me what she was actually going to do that night. I guess we hadn’t been together very long so it kind of makes sense. It wasn’t until I had read what she did that I understood and took her in my arms.

About 4 days after she had been to Jack’s we got a phone call telling us he had been found dead in his house. He had passed peacefully in his sleep. “A” was sad that he had passed but she knew he had died happy.

About a month went by and an official looking guy turned up at the door and handed “A” an envelope. Jack had left her money in his will, quite a lot of money and a note just saying thank you for being his wife for a night.