April and Summer a Story of Love and Misfortune. Part 1

April and Summer were the best of friends but grew up in the care system. They looked alike, both had blonde flowing hair, blue eyes and similar figures. They did everything together and were inseparable until that is, they both went to University. Both girls ended up miles away from each other and because of their hectic schedules they kinda lost touch, however they were never far from each other’s thoughts. Neither of them had relationships with men. Having seen images of male appendages they took an instant dislike to how they looked. They made a pact that they would never take a man as a lover.

Both had been in relationships though with women, April with one of her lecturers and Summer with the lady in who’s house she lived. They had both become well versed in the art of female love and embraced the lifestyle. Both had jobs outside of University and even here their paths ran a similar course. April was a pole dancer in a lesbian bar and Summer was a stripper in a similar bar. They performed strictly for the women in those bars, occasionally having sexual encounters in the ladies rooms. They were though not fully content with their lives.

Summer one day decided she needed a change, University didn’t suit her and even April was struggling to maintain the concentration and dedication needed for her studies but she continued anyway. However April preferred to dance and tease the women in the bar, she believed this was what she was born to do.

Early morning, April’s day off, lying on her bed naked allowing the sun’s rays come through the window and cover her body like a blanket and softly stroking her breasts, she was interrupted by the ring of a phone. A voice she hadn’t heard for years spoke.

Hi April remember me, it’s been a while.”

“Summer is that you? it’s been years, I thought you had forgotten me.” A huge smile came across April’s face. “Where are you? what are you up to?

Hey slow down April, so many questions, why don’t you come down to the railway station and pick me up and ask them in person?

April screamed, Gimme 10 minutes, I am on my way.” She threw on a pair of leggings and and old tee shirt, and made for the station.

At the station Summer stood patiently waiting for April to arrive, she hadn’t seen April park the car and when Summer had her back turned April threw her arms around her. Summer turned to face April, a huge smile came to her face and they kissed and held each other as if afraid to let each other go.

Once calm they returned to the car and headed back to April’s flat. They talked for hours the rest of the day and the next and the next, getting to know each other again. It was though on the 4th day things changed and would never be the same again.

April rose that morning and headed for the shower, because she had a guest and the guest was sharing her bed it had been days since she masturbated. To prevent Summer from being embarrassed she decided to bring herself off in the shower, not her favourite place but at least she had some privacy.

As she softly stroked herself and pinched her nipple, she became aware that whilst she was doing this she was picturing Summer’s naked body. The beautiful slim curves, pert breasts and long legs, tormenting her mind. Whilst she had drifted into some dream world in order to give herself some sexual release the shower door opened. The women looked at each other, both naked both completely locked in to each other’s bodies. Summer stepped in, stood behind April and began to wash her back, gently stroking her shoulders as she did. A sigh escaped from Aprils mouth as she felt Summer’s soft hands make their way down her back, and to April’s pert rear. It was then April was taken by surprise, Summer gently parted her cheeks and kissed her anus, then gently licked her there. April stepped away, blushing now her head was a mass of confusion. Summer stood up, turned April round and kissed her. April’s lips parted slightly and found her mouth being invaded by Summer’s tongue, she kissed her back, the kissing became more passionate and their bodies pressed together. The feel of Summer’s breasts on hers and Summer’s leg between her’s putting pressure on her sex and that kiss, brought April to her first orgasm, as the tremors rippled through her body, April became self conscious, pulling away from Summer she stepped out of the shower and returned to the bedroom. Summer finished her shower, giving April time to understand what had just happened before she herself stepped out of the shower to join her friend. There was an eerie silence, neither women wanted to speak about what had just happened, it felt wonderful but also felt strange because of how long they had known each other and how close they had been.

The women dried and dressed for a relaxing evening in front of the TV, later though the desires of the two women would come to a head again and things would become complicated.


Being Sexually Assaulted Twice in Six Months Made Me Question Everything but Brought Me to Understand Women Better.

That is a hell of a long title I know but I couldn’t think of any other title that helped people to understand what the entry was going to be about.

Basically the whole thing is about me and being raped twice in six months. Men really do get raped, and we really do feel dirty afterwards, and for me I understood why so many women are afraid , no that’s a bad choice of word, embarrassed to come forward and report it. Even more so in the period when it happened to me. With this entry I am not going to sugarcoat anything. Basically I can talk about it openly now. For many years however, only three people knew what happened. My ex “A”, and a stripper and her husband who basically found me and put me back together so to speak. This entry is a true account of what happened to me. It is not some erotic fiction. I wanted to put this out there because it shows you can recover from things like what happened to me. You can fight back and you can have a normal relationship but it does take a lot of time and a lot of love.

The first incident I partially blame myself for. I have been told that I shouldn’t blame myself for the actions of others but if I hadn’t gone against company rules I would not have been in the house where the assault happened. We were only supposed to work the streets and stores not people’s homes. The couple though when I met them on the street seemed a regular couple, really chatty so when they said they didn’t have time to hear my pitch they gave me their address. What happened in their house though is pretty much a blur. I remember going in, I remember having a drink, not alcohol. Then there is a huge gap in what happened. Somehow between the drink and waking face down on a bed with my arms tied and her fat husband inside me grunting, they had got me semi naked. I have no clue how long or how many times he violated my anus or whether anyone else had been involved. I do remember him cumming inside me. I also remember being kicked out of the house too and having to call a friend from the church to come get me. I never told him what had happened I just told him I felt sick.

The second incident I remember every painful second of it. On my way to a bar, to meet up with friends I was struck on the back of the head. It sent me reeling. I was grabbed and forced down onto the ground I think I counted 4 of them. Once on the floor I was pinned down my trousers and boxers were pulled down and my legs spread as far as they could spread me. I heard one of the guys spit, I presume to lube up, then he forced himself inside, I did struggle and got punched in the head for my trouble. He finished and another guy took his place, he shot inside me too. Then after having their fun they kicked the crap out of my ribs, I had covered my face as much as possible but was kicked in the arms for my trouble, as a farewell they kicked me between the legs. Yes I was fucking crying, I was in pain, from the kicking and from the assault of my rectum. Thankfully, I was found by a couple who happened to be on their way to work and had heard me crying for help. They took me back to their house and patched me up, that included sorting the small tear they had made when they entered me.

Here is the kicker. I was 35 years old when these attacks happened. I didn’t report it to the police, because I had never heard of a man being raped before. The other reason though was that I was too embarrassed to report it. I felt dirty, used and abused. I didn’t even confess it to my partner at the time, instead I bottled it up. By doing that I was prone to mood swings and periods where I would just breakdown over the slightest thing. I even secretly went for blood tests for 2 years to ensure I hadn’t caught anything.

I was put into a position where women had been. Women who have suffered at the hands of so called men who want to take a woman by any means. I lost my dignity when it happened to me, I became introverted, afraid to go out sometimes, but there was also something else. I found I had lost my trust in men, all men, because knowing men did this to me made me wonder who I could trust. Women though I trusted, I suddenly found that I was gaining more and more female friends. Not sex partners just friends I could talk to and enjoy the company of.

It was 11 years before I spoke about the attacks. I felt I had to, I was heading into a new relationship and I didn’t want her to only know half of me. She was the most supportive woman, she allowed me to talk about it, she held me when I cried recounting the attacks to her, but at the end of it she loved me. It was what I needed.

I get angry whenever I hear a woman has been attacked. I did nothing to deserve the attacks on me, I wasn’t asking for it, it was just some weirdos getting their rocks off and using me to do it. It’s the same for women, they don’t deserve to be attacked, just because they dress nice for a night out does not mean they are asking for it. Men………………….. no wait they are not men, ANIMALS that do this sort of thing should have their balls cut off and rammed down their throats or thrown into a room with a bunch of women hold blunt knives and let them tear the bastard apart.

What happened to me happened in a time when there was a lack of understand about men being raped. I didn’t go to the police because I was a stranger in a strange land and didn’t want to be ridiculed. I know now why some women don’t report incidents like this. It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s because of how they feel, it’s about having to verbally go through the attack again to a complete stranger when all you want to do is to try and forget. You never do though.

My attacks are behind me now, but now I can talk openly about them. If I had allowed those attacks to define me I would never have had the fun life I did. Yes they made me question my sexuality, but they didn’t stop me from being who I am. The hardest thing for me was when I opened up to my bisexual life, the first time I did anal sex with a man. It took a lot of guts and a lot of patience on his part, and he had been made aware by my partner what I had been through. Because of that it was a pleasurable introduction to anal sex for my Bi life.

These days I still have a lot of female friends and it still remains I trust women more than men. I also these days find myself supporting women’s charities. I am not saying sexual assault of a man is the same as on a woman, it depends what happens during the assault that determines the severity. Attacks on women should never happen, and attacks on men I never thought did happen.

I came back stronger and rediscovered myself, if I can do that everyone can do that.

The Education of the Teacher part 5…………….More than she bargained for

By the time they arrived at the fishing lodge Sarah had lost count of the amount of times she had been pleasured. Five men in the car but she had been pleasure more times than that. A journey that should have taken 2 hours had taken nearly 4, but she wasn’t complaining. She had been made love to so many times during the journey she just didn’t want it to end. Yes she was made love to, tenderly not fucked like some slut. They had all respected her as a woman and all had treated her as if she were their own partners. She felt like she was glowing, like she was desired and not just wanted but needed too.

The Lodge was at the water’s edge surrounded by trees, she had never been to a place as stunning as this, and here she was alone and naked with 5 men who will make love to her all weekend. Any thoughts of her husband had been lost, for this weekend she was the wife of every man who was with her and she would do everything they wanted her to do without question. This was to be her true sexual awakening, she knew also when she went home things would never be the same again. Her husband had unlocked her inhibitions, he had tempted her with a new style of life and now she wanted to live that life. All she knew for sure was he could come along for the ride or be her husband no more.

What Sarah found strange was that when they walked into the lodge, a huge log fire was already burning and the smell of food filled the room. Then she saw him, a huge man, dark skinned, handsome and tall. Sarah felt herself begin to get wet again, she had never seen a man like this. All he wore was a towel wrapped around his waist. She saw his legs long and powerful, muscles on his torso and legs the like she had never seen before. She was in awe of the sight before her. The Principle introduce him to Sarah as Gerrard, he held out his hand to greet her, her hand was tiny by comparison, tenderly he pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her. “Pleased to meet you Sarah” His deep voice making her swoon. She couldn’t speak, her mouth had become dry, in his arms she suddenly felt so safe but also so sexy. Gerrard went into one of the bedrooms and brought her a robe to wear. “Can’t have you all naked while we are dressed can we. Dinner will be a while, so you can go freshen up if you want, there are fresh towels in the cupboard in the bathroom for you. She thank him and made her way to freshen up.

In the shower Sarah couldn’t get Gerrard out of her mind, the vision of his body and good looks making her want him in the shower with her. She gently began to stroke herself, slowly caressing her sex and slowly inserting a finger into her wetness. The jets of water from the shower massaged her nipples she felt waves of pleasure from the water and her finger and she let out a moan, she continues to move her finger in and out and used her other finger to gently rub her clit, she felt her orgasm coming, she increased the pressure on her clit and as her orgasm took her breath away she called his name “Gerrard”. Her orgasm was not intense, it was a gentle ripple of pleasure that she felt throughout her body. When she stepped out of the shower Gerrard was standing there. “I have never seen anything as beautiful as watching you just then.” He held a towel for her then wrapped her in it. He looked into her eyes lowered his head and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth she came again. Her towel fell to the floor, she lowered her hand and unwrapped the towel from around Gerrard’s waist and gasped as she felt his hard manhood pressing against her. She moved her hand to feel his erection, she knew it felt big against her stomach but she had no idea how big. He stopped her, “Not yet Sarah, you can look but not touch.” he stepped back and Sarah looked, suddenly she became scared. Her husband was blessed with good length and girth but what she saw on Gerrard shocked her, it was twice the girth and length of her husband’s. “I won’t be able to take that.” she said to a smiling Gerrard. “No woman has ever been able to take it that’s why I don’t get much sex” he laughed and pulled her to him again and they kissed deeply again.

After dinner the Principle announced that it was time for them to have some fun with Sarah, that was until Gerrard said no. “I think Sarah has had enough for one night, she needs to rest. Nobody touches her tonight and to make sure that happens Sarah will share my bed”. With that he took Sarah by the hand and lead her to his room. “It’s OK Sarah you can sleep peacefully tonight I will keep to my word that you won’t be touched sexually.” They stripped naked and climbed into bed, Sarah noticed that even when he was not erect his penis hung a long way down his thighs. She smiled to herself, curled up to Gerrard who took her in his arms and she fell into a contented deep sleep.

When Morning broke She was still in his arms, she lowered the covers to look at his penis, it looked intimidating, it was semi hard and she struggled to understand how she would take such a monster. “You can touch it if you want” She was suddenly brought back to earth by his deep voice. Slowly reaching out she took him in her hand, she moved her hands a couple of times and it began to respond. growing in her hand it eventually came to a point where her hand would no longer be able to hold the full girth. She felt the warmth between her legs. “Let’s go get breakfast.” he said gradually raising his huge frame. Sarah bent her head, kissed the tip of his now hard penis and looked into his eyes. “I want to take all of it, I want to feel every inch of you in my pussy and my ass, I want to always remember how you feel inside me, I want to remember you always.”

They went into the main room and found a note on the table. “GONE FISHING, SEE YOU BY THE LAKE”

They sat down and drank coffee together. “Do you like fishing?” Gerrard asked

“God no, I have never seen the point, mind you I must be sitting with the only man who doesn’t need a rod to fish with” Sarah laughed.

“So how about you and me going for a walk in the woods instead?” Gerrard asked.

“Yer I would love to, but I would have to do it naked, I have no clothes remember.”

“What size feet do you have” He asked, Sarah told him her shoe size, “Stay there have breakfast and I will be back in half an hour.”

With that he was gone. Sarah tried to make herself as presentable as possible, all the while the image of Gerrard’s manhood kept coming into her head once again she found herself stroking her clit, but not wanting to cum she stopped before the orgasm hit her.

Gerrard returned, he passed her a bag containing a shirt, a skirt and a pair of running shoes. She took them and dressed. Shirt was tied to just below her breasts, her skirt light and flowing. “You forgot underwear” Sarah grinned.

“Trust me I didn’t.” he smiled back. Taking her by the hand he lead her out of the door and began their outdoor adventure.

Sarah felt wonderful, Gerrard was proving to be the perfect gentleman. They came to a clearing with a fresh water pond. As Sarah sat at the edge Gerrard turned her face to his and kissed her. “Fancy a swim?” he asked as he removed his shirt. She stood and with his eyes transfixed on her body she stripped off her clothes then jumped in. The water was cold but against her naked body it felt good. It was shortly after she felt Gerrard’s arms around her, taking her in his arms he kissed her again before lowering his head and gently taking one nipple in her mouth and stroking the other. Sarah Melted into him. They kissed deeply, she lowered her hand to his penis, she began to feel it grow in her hands. “Please make love to me.” she asked and making their way back to the shore he lead her out then laid her gently on the soft grass. They kissed almost as soon as they lay down.

Sarah, do you really want to be here.” he asked, gently stroking her breasts.

I am only here because my husband lost the card game, I didn’t realise they were going to be my work colleagues and the Principle from the school, now though I am going to be their play thing” She began to get upset.

Taking her in his arms he told her that he wanted her to work for him. Leave her job and become his personal assistant, telling her it was more money and better benefits. It would also mean she wouldn’t be away from her husband except when they went on business trips together. Without thinking Sarah said yes. They kissed again, deeper than before, he rolled over to lay on top of her and she felt it. The monster she had held in her hands, was now at the entrance of her sex. Gerrard rubbed the head up and down her slit, she could feel herself getting wetter but she was still afraid. Gerrard pushed, and the bulbous head of his meat began to enter her, she tensed slightly, and he pushed some more, this time the head entered her. He rested allowing her time to get used to his size, they kissed and as they did he slid more of himself into her. It hurt, but it was a good hurt, “Not all the way not out here in the open I want to see it go into me please not here.” she cried, but Gerrard pushed more and then began sliding in and out, Sarah became breathless, she had never been so full so spread nor has any man been so deep inside her, she put her hand between their bodies, she touched his manhood that had still not found it’s way into her, she was even more scared, there was still at least 6 more inches.

Gerrard continued to push deeper into her, more and more of him went into her, but the slow movement, and the silkiness of he moist pussy was getting too much for him, carefully making sure he didn’t force everything into her he began to fuck her, she was writhing in glorious agony, she could feel him tense and just as her orgasm hit her, he pulled out, a flood of white fluid jetting out of the bulbous head, landing all over Sarah’s face and hair. She was spent. He looked at her, “That was the most any woman has managed to take of me.” he told her. “I think we should leave the lodge and go to the hotel in town.”

They went back to the lodge and Gerrard collected his things and they left, leaving a note for the other guys, telling them Sarah was now the property of Gerrard and she was no longer a teacher as she worked for him.

Once in the room of the hotel they wasted no time. They headed straight for the bed. Sarah tried to take Gerrard in her mouth. It was difficult but she eventually got the bulbous head in. It tasted of her own juices, the taste made her begin to lust for that meat to be inside her again, “I want to take it all” she whispered in between slurping on his giant member. “I want to take it all now” Gerrard got between her legs and positioned the head, slowly he pushed, this time it slid in easier, inch by inch he pushed into her, she had started having orgasms as soon as he entered her, he got to the point he had reached at the lake, 6 inches still had not entered her hole. Gerrard pushed a little more, Sarah moaned, He gave her time to get use to the extra and then pushed again and rested, allowing her once again to relax. “No more teasing Push it all in now” Gerrard looked down at her lust filled face and pushed the rest of himself into her, she screamed, she felt pain like never before but she also felt full. They didn’t move, instead Gerrard placed gentle kisses on her breasts helping her to relax. Then he began, using his full length he started gently, gliding in and out of her, she watched his face as pleasure flooded out of her, she saw his facial expression change and he began to increase speed, every inch of his cock now filling her, fucking her deeper than she ever had been before, she was lost, she gave in to the thrusts of this giant of a man her dark skinned God, wave after glorious wave or orgasms rushed through her body and then she felt it, she felt his head swell inside her, she felt him start to pull out, “IN ME DAMMIT, DO IT IN ME” she screamed. Grabbing her hips Gerrard pulled her deep and fired his seed deep inside her, they had cum together but Sarah’s flood was forced back by Gerrard’s seed. Sarah was exhausted, she had never felt anything like that before, but it was not going to be her last time. As she lay there with white fluid oozing out of her she smiled and in no time at all she fell asleep.

She woke a few hours later, with Gerrard inside her again, he had entered her but not moved. As soon as he saw her eyes open, he flipped her over, brought her on to her knees and began to fuck her again, this time was harder than the first time, this time he used his full weight to push into her and she loved it. This time though it didn’t take long, this time he knew he could just empty himself into her, this time he knew for sure he now owned another man’s wife. he also knew for sure, his friends would soon be enjoying his new plaything.

Gerrard eventually drove her home to her husband. Walking through the door Steve went to greet her. She introduced Gerrard to Steve and they sat and talked. It was then Gerrard explained to Steve how things would be from then on.

“Your wife has a new job, she now works for me as a Personal Assistant. You will continue to be her husband and will continue a proper sex life with her. However, when she comes away with me on business trips she will be my bed partner. She will also be introduced and used by my colleagues on those trips. She will always come home to you. She will be well paid and you will reap the benefits too. I want you to rip up the pre nup you have. Your wife will always be your wife, but I will enjoy her too. You will always know when Sarah and me have had sex and Sarah will now show you how you will know.”

Sarah undid Gerrard’s pants and pushed them down, she then bent over the sofa and Gerrard got behind her. His cock was limp, Steve had never seen anything so large in his life, he couldn’t believe his wife could take it all. “Come and make me hard Steve. Get me ready for your wife.” shaking Steve held out his hand and touched the dark skin, nervously he began stroking Gerrard and his cock began to grow. “Taste it” Gerrard had his hand on the top of Steve’s head and was guiding him to his cock, Sarah watched in disbelief as her husband began to lick, stroke and suck Gerrard until he was fully hard, she was already wet from what she was seeing. Gerrard pushed Steve away and without a pause pushed hi full length into Sarah. Steve watched as this monster disappeared inside his wife, he had his cock in his hand and was pleasuring himself as he watched his wife get given pleasure. Harder and harder Gerrard fucked Sarah, she was screaming louder than ever. Then it happened, that final push, Steve thought Gerrard was going to pull out, but just like in the hotel, he unloaded into Sarah. Steve shot his load into his hand, he still couldn’t believe his wife had done that. Gerrard pulled out, pulled up his pants, he looked at Steve, “I am leaving now. See you Monday Sarah, dress for easy access. Oh and Steve, I think as a husband you should clean your wife up now.” Gerrard watched as Steve nervously got behind Sarah and began to clean her with his tongue. Gerrard left the house soon after.

A year on and everything is still going on, Sarah took some time off from work. Steve is now a stay at home dad to a dark skinned baby. Sarah returned to work shortly after the birth and still enjoys her business trips away with Gerrard and is shared with his special friends. Steve and Sarah still have sex and he always knows when she has been with Gerrard. Steve ripped up the pre nup, but now Sarah has had him sign one of her own. Funny how things turnaround.

For Sarah though her journey from married teacher to black cock lover was only just beginning and her story is far from over. As her last Diary entry before her latest trip stated “Off on another business trip, I wonder how many will enjoy me in the next week”

Government’s plan to restrict accessibility to porn could lead to an increase of sales of Homemade porn.

I guess this blog entry has come about thanks to Government. With the UK Government bringing in measures to make it more difficult for people to access porn I wondered if Porn sites were a thing of the past anyway.

The thing is this, we live in an age where we no longer need big production companies and professional Porn Stars to make porn. In fact you can make any movie these days with off the shelf equipment, then buy a crapload of blank discs and boom you are in business.

For me Professional Porn is garbage, fake people, pathetic scripts and not worth watching. Amateur porn is different, the people are real, it’s unedited, it’s as it happens and there is no script and it is basically down to action straight away. Nobody watches a full Professional Porn movie, they fast forward to the good bits.

There are loads of people out there who have had a desire to be in Porn. Even I have been asked twice to do porn in my younger days. Once in the UK and once in the States. I declined because Porn didn’t interest me but sex did. Yet when I was with my ex “A” we got a friend to film us having sex, we also filmed each other having sex with others or in a group scenario, originally these were for our own enjoyment. However when she let it slip one day when she was doing one of her camming sessions for a bunch of guys (Something she did a few times a week) men were offering to by a copy. We had never thought about selling them, but suddenly there was a business opportunity.

By making things harder to access, people can and some will make their own porn. All these people will be people who have little or no chance of making professional porn but an amateur porn movie, well they are right there. Is porn though that damaging. If you make porn harder to access to protect people from it what happens next. Ban Naturism because people may see naked bodies, ban topless beaches because some sad twat with a Victorian attitude believes women should be covered up. Ban Porn because the sex act is obscene. I don’t watch porn, I use to until I realised my sex life was better than a porn star’s.

There are millions of exhibitionists out there in the real world, millions of swingers, millions of people who want to be seen having sex. The thing is everyone of them could now enjoy extra income from making their own Amateur porn and making it available for sale. Remember if you make something you own the right to that. Officially you can’t make money from it, however, if the payment is classed as a gift then it is legal.

Amateur Porn will always be more popular than professional porn, because of the real people and real situations and because it isn’t about how you look. I know there are Professionally made porn movies out there that advertise the movie as Amateurs but in truth it’s not.

Here is where the Government fails. You make people give their credit card details so they can access porn and already you are increasing revenue for the industry. If it had been left alone Porn would continue to lose money which is what it is doing right now because people are fed up of seeing the same actors and scenarios. Far from making porn harder to access they have given Amateurs the chance to make money from making their own movies. Far from dealing with the problem by leaving it alone, they have just made things worse by sending Porn underground.

Why I Love Non Penetrative Sex True Story.

When I was a young man learning all about sex and the different types of sex that was out there, I was all about getting my dick wet. As time went on and as I matured I found that non penetrative sex was even better.

Women, the most amazing creatures that God created. With their soft curve sensual texture of skin and sweet tasting orgasmic juices they are like a trip to the candy store and ice cream parlour all rolled into one.

Here’s what I mean. No two women feel the same inside or out, no two women look the same bodily, and no two women taste the same. Each woman has their own special quality and in my trips around the world I have been lucky enough to sample the delights of a variety of nationalities. Despite my love of Asian women, Indian women (They’re hot) and Hispanic women (They’re amazing), it would be in the USA I would have my Eureka moment about non penetrative sex.

Alice was a married work colleague of mine, it was clear from when we started working together that there was a connection, or a meeting of minds so to speak. She was a little on the chubby side, not fat just a little chubby but she carried it well and looked stunning everyday. As part of out job we would have to sample products we would be promoting, Paint Ball, Spas, Massage and Hotels. As we always worked well together and got results the boss always put out his strongest team to the most exclusive places. It was during a stay at one of the Hotels that this incident happened.

We were asked to stay over in suite at the hotel, not unusual we had done it before, usually there were two beds in a suite so there was never an issue. I would wait til she got changed for bed and then I would go. Of course we always flirted, even her husband Gary encouraged her to flirt with me just for a laugh and yes she could get me hot, but nothing ever happened until the night we stayed at the hotel we were testing out.

We arrived at the room and stepped in. “Nice room Alice.” I said as we stepped in.

“Erm Johnny, there is only one bed”

“Oh yer, this could be awkward.” I replied Short of us both leaving the hotel and going home again there was nothing we could do about it. We headed down to get a bite to eat and hit the bar after for a couple of drinks.

We chatted for a while avoiding the issue about the room only having the one bed the conversation never got round to sex which was odd for us as there had always been some kind of humorous chat about sexual practices. As neither of us wanted to get drunk, obviously because neither of us wanted to end up letting the drink decide that we would end up doing something regrettable, we decided to call it a night around 11pm. Then the discussion started about the sleeping arrangements. Alice called her husband as she always did when we were stopping over anywhere. She left out the bit that there was only one bed in the room. I took a couple of blankets and a pillow and laid them out on the floor (Always the gentleman). When Alice got off the phone she went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

When she came out she looked gorgeous, vest top and boy shorts, I defy any man to not find that look sexy. Her hair was now untied and was flowing down her back. “You look lovely” I said to her then realising what I said swiftly apologised for being forward. She smiled and thanked me for my compliment.

She was in bed and I was on the floor, we were talking and had been for a while just idle stuff. “Johnny, you really don’t have to sleep on the floor” She suddenly said, I told her I was fine but she insisted I join her in bed stating we were both adults. I thought about it for a little while and told her to hide her eyes whilst I put some boxers on. “I can’t believe you are laying on the floor naked.” she laughed and then put the light on, “If you are getting into this bed mister you are going to do it with the lights on.” I thought about it for…………… well not too long and reached for my boxers. “NO” she said firmly “You leave the bedding where it is and your boxers where they are and you get into bed.” She lowered the covers, to reveal at some point she had removed the shorts and top. I shrugged my shoulders, and dropped the sheet that covered my erection. She smiled, “Bet you wish you were with someone else tonight now you have that.” Pointing at my erection and smiling. I told her that wasn’t true, I would rather be in the bed with a naked woman I couldn’t touch and who looked like her than with someone who just wants a quick fuck to get her rocks off. (I wish I had told her what I really wanted to do to her)

Once I got my arse into bed I made sure there was a huge gap between us. “Christ Johnny I don’t have a decease,” She playfully slapped my thigh and I slapped her back, she slapped me again and I warned her I would pin her down and tickle her if she didn’t stop. She didn’t stop, I rolled on top of her and her eyes widened when she felt my erection pressing into her stomach. As I said before she was a little chubby but she was also quite strong. I lay there looking into those deep blue eyes and Kissed her, before I could pull away she began kissing me back, Once we broke the kiss I slid up her body and managed to pin her arms down under my legs. My erection was now in full view of her face. I reached behind me and began to tickle her sides, I always remember that sweet giggle she had. Then without warning she managed to flip me over and sat on me facing my hard cock, I looked up to see a very wet pussy below the prettiest anus I had ever seen. (I know i didn’t think an Anus could be pretty but it was) I felt her take my erection in her mouth and as she did she lowered her pussy on to my mouth and that was it. My tongue began to work on her, I had never used my tongue on an anus before but the way it looked had me using my tongue on that too. It tasted different but kind of nice at the same time. I alternated between both her holes, ensuring that each hole was spread so I could get my tongue as deep as possible, my face was awash of her cum and my saliva. She was working magic on my erection, whenever she felt I was cumming she would slow down or stop. When I eventually did fill her mouth I kept on doing what i was doing, flipping her over so I could carry on feasting on both her holes until with one last scream she came, I wanted to carry on but she said she needed to come down. I left her pussy but continued to lick her anus. Even when I gained another erection I had no desire to penetrate her. I even made her cum again by licking her anus before we eventually fell asleep.

When we woke in the morning there was no problems and yes we spoke about what we did, she admitted she had never had a tongue in the wrong hole (As she called it) and said that it had been the highlight. We did say it could never happen again and it never did. But that one night made me realise that I actually enjoyed pleasuring a woman with my tongue more than my penis. I am also surprised at the amount of women who have more orgasms and more intense orgasms from a man’s tongue than his penis. That night got me hooked. Yes I still used my penis but not until I had given a women as many orgasms with my mouth as I could. And it is also why after cumming inside a woman I go down and give her some more orgasms with my tongue, whether my juices are leaking out of her or not.

The footnote to this story though is this. A couple of days after we got back, there was knock on the door of my apartment. When I opened the door her husband was stood there in tears. She had told him what happened. He didn’t come round to fight he came round to let me know his wife was leaving the company and there would be no repeat of what we did. I told him it wasn’t planned it just happened. He shook my hand and left. I think about that night with his wife from time to time, I am still to this day glad that we never had full sex, what we did that night though was better than going all the way. I did hear from her again a couple of years after they got divorced (Nothing to do with me) but we never repeated that night we just stayed friends.

The Education of the Teacher. Part 4 ………….. Poke Her Night.

The night arrived of Steve’s Poker night. Sarah was looking forward to meeting his workmates, she hadn’t met many but the ones she had met always seemed like fun. As she was on duty tonight as she called it she decided it was appropriate to wear her maids outfit. It allowed a good amount of her breasts to be on show and was short enough to show her beautifully shaped legs. She wore no underwear at Steve’s request. She was also given rules. The main one being, if anyone touched her she was not to complain.

Sarah was in the kitchen when the guys arrived, Steve told everyone they had a maid service all night and to use her as much as possible. He called Sarah into the room. “Ah Sarah these are my guests you will be looking after for the night. Whatever they need you will provide. When Sarah looked at the guest she went completely white. These were not Steve’s work colleagues at all, they were male teachers from the very High School she taught at herself. She beckoned Steve to the kitchen.

“What the hell are you thinking” She said angrily. “I work with these guys, it will be all around the school, I could lose my job.”

“It’s all taken care of nobody will say anything and besides the school principle will be here soon too. We have been planning this for a long time. It’s OK they only get to have sex with you if I lose all my money tonight. You are basically my last money pot so to speak”. You never know you may not have to worry, or you could end up just having sex with one of them, or you could be totally unlucky in which case well I guess you know the outcome of that.”

“I don’t think I can do this, how will I face them at school?”

“That won’t be a problem they have all said they will not say anything, as long as you do as they say when you are at work, and if I lose tonight, they will own you for a month, by that I mean you will not be home for a month, you will stay with each one who I lost to, and be used by them anyway they seem fit. Then you can come home to me and then we can sort out our future. Tonight though you need to keep your fingers crossed that I am lucky.”

Sarah walked back in the room, and asked each man in turn what they would like to drink, each man kissed her deeply and each man managed to get a feel of various parts of her body. When she got to the school principle, he kissed her then pulled away. “I thought we would have been getting a topless service tonight Steve.” Without waiting for Steve to reply he ripped the dress from Sarah’s body. The Principle laughed “Well now I guess we went one better, can’t beat naked service”

Sarah’s mood was now a mix of anger and embarrassment tinged with arousal. Totally naked now in front of men she worked with, her head became a wash of images she didn’t want to have.

The men took their places and the game began, Sarah returned with the drinks and served each one in turn. As payment each man pushed a finger into whichever hole took their fancy, mainly her ass. Then she was ordered to stand in the corner until she was needed again. The game and the drinks flowed, and Sarah was now beginning to enjoy having fingers probe her body or a mouth encasing her nipples. She had started to become wet between her legs, a warm glow engulfed her body, she was now doing the job without a care or thought.

After a couple of hours Steve called for a break for snacks and more drinks. Sarah went into the kitchen to get the snacks ready. “five guys from the school, Steve is crazy, I could lose my job. Why am I enjoying this though?” Her mind was all over the place, once she had got the snacks together she returned to the room. The men were all sat in the main room TV as Sarah approached she almost dropped the tray of snacks, they were watching the video from the party. They all looked at her as she served the snacks but swiftly went back to watching the action on the screen. The principle looked up at her, “Win or lose tonight Sarah, your time as just a teacher in the school is over. You will be on call now to service myself and the other staff members whenever we want,”

Steve looked at the Principle, “That wasn’t the deal, the deal was suppose to be a one month deal.”

“That was before I saw this video, you have no idea do you Steve, you see Holly and Lisa are my daughters. Yes they may be 18 but your wife had sex with them and you filmed it, so what do you want me to do Steve? shall I take the video to the Police or shall your wife become a school sex toy for a year? Your choice.”

Steve looked at Sarah, he could tell she was angry, not at what she did at the party but because Steve showed the video. “I’ll do it.” Sarah suddenly piped up, “Whatever you want me to do I will do it on one condition. If Steve wins the game, nothing happens. I will leave the school and we will leave the area. If he loses I will become your sex toy and Steve will not see me for the whole year.”

The game restarted and for a while things were going great. Sarah continued to serve drinks but the mood in the room was different. As Sarah went to serve the drinks the announcement was made that this was an all or nothing hand. One against one all in. The principle would take on Steve but everybody’s money would be at stake. Steve hadn’t expected it so soon, he had nowhere near enough for the game. It was then Steve announced his stake was Sarah against the money. Sarah sat rooted to the spot. She had known what the rules were at the start of the game, but the Principle changed the dynamic.

As the cards were turned over, the tension was high Steve laid his cards down first, Sarah stood by his side. The Principle showed no emotion as he turned his cards he turned 4 then stopped. “It’s all on this card Steve, I will give you a chance though. if I win when I turn this card over, you can keep your wife, we will just take your car and have a little fun with her. If I lose you take the pot.” Steve was about to agree when Sarah stopped him from speaking “No not a chance. Steve you wanted a Hotwife, you decided you wanted this, now you don’t. Well I do. So if you lose, I am theirs for a year whether you like it or not.”

The room fell silent beads of sweat formed on Steve’s forehead, The Principle grabbed the last card and slowly turned it. It was the winning card. Steve looked at his wife and reached out for her. She slapped his hands away. “I don’t belong to you, I belong to them for the next year but just so you can remember me let me show you what you will miss for 12 months.”

She walked to the center of the room told the men to join her and remove their clothes. Steve watched as his wife got to her knees and began to take each man in her mouth, slowly licking and sucking them. Steve couldn’t watch, but Sarah was in no mood to let him leave. “Hold him so he can watch.” she called out and Steve was grabbed by 2 of the guests. The Principle pushed Sarah on to her back, looked Steve in the eyes and pushed his cock into Sarah. He fucked her hard, his eyes constantly on Steve, Whilst he took Sarah, she was busy taking two guys in her mouth. She moaned as she took each one in turn deep into her mouth. When one of them grunted Steve knew he was loading her mouth with his seed, he was followed closely by the second. Sarah beckoned Steve over, she motioned for him to kiss her and when he did she forced the seed from the 2 men into his mouth, she pulled away and laughed. The Principle quickened his pace and with one last deep push he filled her. Steve ran out of the room, and Sarah was joined by the guys who had held Steve down. Both men entered her pussy, side by side they fucked her, tow hard cocks stretching her so much she had never felt so full, then she felt the waves of seed pumping into her, Sarah too orgasmed like never before. Yet when it was all done, the men picked Sarah up and held her close. Tenderly Kissing her, stroking her body lovingly. They thanked her.

“Sarah we would never have allowed you to be away from your husband for a year and what we did tonight will remain a secret. However we will from time to time ask for your special services if that is OK with you. Steve is lucky to have a Hotwife like you, but remember you now hold all the aces. You control your husband, you decided who you want to fuck and how many. what your husband thought you were doing for him was actually him doing something for you. You are now free to do what and who you want when you want. Oh and as for your pre nup, I know a good solicitor who can find a way around that if you choose to leave him.”

Sarah was confused. “So I am not going with you guys for the year? well can I at least go with you for the rest of the weekend?”

The principle put his jacket around her, “Well we are going fishing for the weekend but I have a feeling we just got the best catch ever.” They left the house, Sarah naked but for the Principles jacket. Steve heard the car pull out of the drive and disappear into the distance.

Sarah, was in the back seat of the car on her way to what would become the best fishing trip ever for her. The journey there though would see Sarah have sex with each man in the car. But once they were at the cabin she would discover that there were more than just the guys in the car who would enjoy her body.

The Truth about Bisexual Me

Somewhere in the back of my mind years ago told me I was going to be different. I loved women but the need for that little extra thrill has always been there.

From experimenting when I was younger all the way through to today, I have always believed I could satisfy both men and women and yet, I have never been attracted to men.

I do not get turned on by a man’s appearance, nor do I get turned on when I see a penis usually, it has happened twice and they were exceptional pieces of meat, good enough for even the most Alpha of males to say “OK I am straight but I want to try that”.

Before I got with “A”, I had dabbled in drunken touching and oral with two men, however both of these encounters were alcohol induced and for me I had to test the water sober. This of course I did as anyone who has read my blogs will find out. “A” wanted to see it and I brought her fantasy to reality.

I don’t watch gay porn, nor do I get turned on when I see two men kiss, it just doesn’t do it for me. My Bisexuality is about the physical act not the vision of the act. Let me explain.

After what I did for “A” I found myself for a short while doing the George Michael, hanging around gent’s toilets, not approaching anyone but hoping someone would approach me. However I got nowhere. Then one day a straight mate of mine took me to an all male spa, just to unwind. When I got there though I found that men were openly masturbating and fondling each other. There maybe a dozen men in the spa that day. My mate went there regularly but for the life of me I don’t know why, a guy touched him when we were there and he freaked out. I guy touched me and I just let him. During the 3 or so hours we were there I had oral sex both giving and receiving to 4 men. Not one word was spoken. I saw the guys that got my interest because of what they had between their legs not their physical appearance, and just went ahead and did it, much to the shock of my straight mate. My secret was out to him. He had known me for years but he never knew me that well.

Several days after that I was at his house doing some work for him and was staying the night. He went for a shower and returned in just a towel, nothing wrong with that. He asked me about what he saw me do at the spa and what it was like. I told him his oral was done right he would not know whether it was a man or woman doing it to him. Which is actually true. If you learn to do it right a man can be a match for a woman. He said he didn’t believe me, so I proved it, I took his towel off him got on my knees and gave him a blow job. Nothing was said afterwards it was days later when he messaged me to say I was right. We haven’t spoken or seen each other since that night. I guess it dented his male ego to know he enjoyed a man sucking his member.

For me it has never been whether or not I am attracted to a guy because I truly have never been, however, if I see what I believe is a great looking cock then something inside clicks, kind of a lust button and when that happens my Bisexual slut comes out. I openly admit to being like that, I am not ashamed of it. It happened to me once where I saw the lump in a guys trousers, and without waiting to find out whether he was like me, I took him out of his pants and gave him head, and because I was so high on lust i did two of his mates too. Thing was they were all straight yet not one of them complained or got pissed at me.

So what about today, yes I am still bisexual but still preferring women to men. My last encounter with a man was about 6 months ago. So you see my Bi side comes out once in a while, even though my encounters are limited I still regard myself as Bisexual as opposed to experimental. why so long since the last time? Simple, nobody has flicked my Bisexual Lust switch.

In life though do we need to justify who we are or what we are? Since I came out as Bisexual thanks to “A”, if I meet someone who I may get sexual with later I let them know who and what I am. If they don’t like it that means they can’t accept me for who I am. There’s the thing though, there are a lot of relationships out there where one or both parties are Bi and yet the other party has no clue. For me that is just living a lie. Be proud of what you are, it’s what makes you unique as a person.

I am Bisexual and proud, I prefer women, but just like a vegetarian who can really resist a bacon sandwich every now and again????????